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Commercial Pest Control

Do you own a business in Florida? At West Pest Control we enjoy helping homeowners keep their family and property safe, but we’re also equipped to provide commercial pest control services.

For large buildings, Home Owners Associations and anyone with rental properties, we can provide a package of services all designed to protect your property and your business. We cover all types of pest and weed control, from lawn services to termite protection and pest elimination and since we enjoy building a relationship with our customers, we also offer a multi-service discount.

Florida is a sought after holiday destination, popular with tourists from other parts of the USA and beyond, but the same climate which makes Florida popular provides an ideal home for many undesirable pests. Some have venomous bites, others, voracious appetites. Some are brought in from outside.

If you own commercial property you must keep it pest free. We provide services to restaurants, Home Owners Associations, health care facilities, schools, and, of course hotels. Regular pest control inspections and treatment are a sensible business precaution.

If you own a restaurant we can help you keep it pest (and especially rodent) free. Did you know that rats can squeeze through a hole less than half an inch in size? We can do more than clear up an infestation, we can help prevent one, keeping your license and certifications intact.

Almost every part of Florida is at risk from termites: Deland, Deltona and Sanford are all listed as high risk areas. Worst of all, your insurance policy is likely to exclude termite damage, so this is one pest it really pays to avoid. Termite damage can be very expensive, so prevention is definitely better than cure.

Comprehensive pest control, inside and outside is your best option. Stop problems before they occur. Our commercial services will protect your business, so contact us today!

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