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Your home is one of your major asset and your family’s health deserves protection. We know you agree, but is pest control something you should make a priority? We believe it is and here's why:

Household pests can:

  • Carry disease
  • Cause allergies
  • Devalue your property AND
  • Cause expensive damage to walls, foundations and furnishings.

Household pests like cockroaches, spiders and termites are not just an inconvenience, their invasion of your home is a serious issue.

Our Yearly Interior Pest Control Service is very effective. In fact, it is so effective customer call backs are 1 in every 55.

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Here are some Pest Control facts you may not be aware of:

  1. Some spiders (for example the recluse spider or fiddleback spider) have seriously venomous bites which if untreated can result in severe damage to nerves as well as tissue death and extreme pain. Why run the risk? Get rid of spiders! Three species of the venomous recluse spider make their home in Florida.
  2. Black widow spider venom is almost fifteen times worse than rattlesnake venom and can produce severe pain within a few minutes of the bite. They can also cause respiratory paralysis and death. The elderly and the young are especially at risk. Let us get rid of them for you!
  3. Florida is home to both widow and recluse spiders. The Mediterranean recluse in particular is found in Orange and Osceola Counties, while the most dangerous of the recluse spiders, the Chilean recluse is found mostly in Polk county.
  4. Fire ants, common in Florida have a very painful sting. Why allow them on your property?
  5. Many of the world’s most virulent diseases are transmitted by household pests. By keeping pests down you protect your family’s health.
  6. Termites cause over $5 billion in damage each year. We can help you keep them out!
  7. More homes are destroyed by termites than by fire. Don’t let it happen to you.
  8. Many household insurance policies do not cover termite damage. Prevention really is much better than cure!
  9. Cockroaches are amongst the most common indoor allergens and can trigger asthma attacks. They also carry salmonella, entamoeba and the poliomyelitis virus. Safeguard your children’s health by making sure your property is pest free.

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Our interior pest control services are extremely effective, with call backs at less than 2% each year. We offer service plans for once a year, monthly, or bi-monthly visits; we give you the option. We service all of West Volusia County, including DeLand, DeBary, Deltona, Lake Helen and Orange City, FL. Contact us for a free inspection and let us help you protect your home and family.

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